Does anyone know about the French schools project using #peertube? Looks like around 25 schools are using it to share / view videos instead of Youtube.

Looking around this weekend, Peertube seems to have a lot of DE and FR instances, maybe reflecting where the developers are. UK Pickup is much lower.

Which maybe reflects also the #fediverse usage—at a guess I would say FR and DE, NL, provide a much larger user base for Mastodon, Pixelfed and so on than the UK.

@jim Hi !

It's part of the platform. It's hosted by French Ministry of Education that was launched in beta (and in emergency) during France's first lock-down (March 2020).

The coming out of beta should be anytime soon. (Or maybe it already happened ? I'm not sure).

They funded new features for PeerTube that will be released with 4.2 (spoiler alert :p !)

I don't know if they answer in English but their masto account is @apps

-- Pouhiou

@Framasoft @apps Very interesting :) A good idea, and good use case, to use Peertube for education.


@jim @Framasoft Hi! Yes, we're managing some Peertube instances for education. And we're still in beta for some times now.
Available to discuss if you want.

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